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Electric Uncapping Knives

The Master Knife is suitable for beekeepers who are willing to allow their clean knife to pre-heat every time they plug it in. If you don’t want to wait for the knife to heat, the Speed King will work better for you.

Speed King

Speed King is the easiest knife for beekeepers to use. It arrives with the uncapping temperature set at 260-270°F and is ready to use right out of the box. This is a workhorse of a tool, and no waiting time for warm-up makes this knife an ideal choice for most.

The Speed Kingknife is made of high grade #304 stainless steel and features a hand-turned wood handle that is comfortable and stays cool to the touch, with a six-foot grounded cord. This knife comes in 120 volt or 220/240 volts.

Master Knife

The Master Knife offers exceptional uncapping performance for the uncapping professional. It comes pre-set for a 260-270°F temperature and comes with a simple stand to rest the knife on while you are uncapping your honey.

The Master Knife is a professional tool that provides the user with the ability to change the knife temperature setting using a flat head screwdriver. A very minor adjustment of only ¼ turn will make a significant change in the knife temperature. Turning the adjuster with reckless abandon will break the knife.

Caution: This knife must be pre-heated each time you plug it in!
This heat cycle will take 6-8 minutes but is essential for the correct operation of the knife. The customer must clean the knife before this start-up heat cycle takes place, because the high blade temperature that occurs during this heat cycle can and will burn ANY material left on knife blade.

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